Give credit to the Obama administration for suing to prevent Arizona's racist law on immigration to come into law.

It is about time a clear signal went out from Washington to stop those who would make their own lynch laws against immigrants.

We Irish should know our history when the Know Nothings enacted very similar legislation backed up by violence to drive our ancestors from these shores.

This is not the South post-civil war and we are not in the business in America of Jose or Jim Crow laws.

It was clear that a series of bad laws were about to be enacted all over the states, as one jurisdiction after another sought to demonize immigrants and all they stood for.

It was only a matter of time before people got killed, as they did in Suffolk County, New York thanks to an anti-immigrant hysteria that led to some white kids knifing an Ecuadorean immigrant to death.

President Obama has finally taken a huge step to stop these racist laws from getting even worse .

Hopefully, what he did will make states reconsider and rethink the path they are going down.

The place for making immigration law is in Washington and it is clearly a federal issue as defined by the constitution.

We don't need any more jailhouse lawyers making things worse for everyone with half-cocked solutions.

The states have prodded the federal government in the right direction though.

Obama does need to act and act quickly on proper immigration reform, a hot-button issue for Americans for several years now.

At least now he has taken an important step in the right direction.

We need to see more of that .