President Barack Obama is facing another turning point in his presidency and this time it is on immigration reform.

The states are taking the immigration laws into their own hands because of a lack of federal direction.

Arizona is the first but more are keen to follow,

Some legislators in Texas are already saddling up and there is talk of Colorado and New Mexico following suit.

All will try and pass draconian laws that can be placed under the rubric of committing the crime of being "Hispanic while breathing'

The bills are angry, poorly drawn up and impossible to execute without singling out perfectly innocent people for arrest and seizure.

As a former law professor Obama knows all this perfectly well.

Yet he has seemed strangely hesitant about committing to federal immigration reform and his White House is clearly divided.

The Washington Post has dubbed Obama's refusal to engage his 'fatal flinch' on this issue

Not so the Democrats in Congress who have now acted boldly to bring immigration reform before the senate and then the House.

The bill they have drafted is overwhelmingly about border security and securing the work force. Many immigration advocates find it deeply lacking.

Yet, Obama gives no sign of a wholehearted embrace.

He needs to find his mojo on this one or otherwise federal immigration law will be administered by crank sheriffs in Arizona and tea party tin pot dictators in other states.

One of the arguments is that Congress can not address more than one issue at a time.

That is balderdash. Legislators are sent to Washington to tackle issues such as immigration reform and climate change.

If they overlap so be it.

Sure, Republicans would rather pass a tax raise than deal with immigration reform right now--but they came around very
quickly when Obama showed leadership on financial reform.

Now it is time to do the same on immigration reform?

How about it Mr.President?