Barack Obama certainly has the gloves off after the new advertisement questioning Mitt Romney on whether he would have gone after Osama Bin Laden.

It is a classic judo trick to use your opponent’s perceived strength against him.

Republicans did it brilliantly when they questioned John Kerry’s war hero status back in 2004 against George Bush.

Now the Democrats are taking one of the GOP’s perceived strengths, tough on defense and terrorism, and using it against Romney.

It is based on a Romney statement in 2007 when he essentially stated it was a waste of money chasing after Bin Laden.

The fact that the Obama camp rolled out Bill Clinton to make the attack shows how important a move it is. Only Clinton or another living ex-president can make the compelling argument about how lonely it is at the top.

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Indeed, Clinton quotes George W. Bush approvingly on his remark that the president is the “decider in chief."

Clinton raises the question about Romney is ready brilliantly in the ad.

He asks what the consequences for Obama would have been if he had not made the call or had got it wrong.

Actually, we all know. Jimmy Carter’s failed rescue attempt of the US hostages in Iran was the final nail in his race against Ronald Reagan.

By moving so quickly to blunt a usual GOP advantage, Obama has shown he will be ruthless and direct in this campaign.

It will be interesting to see Romney’s response.

Here is the ad: