Father Patrick Dowling exemplifies what it is to be a good priest

Watch the accompanying video (about eight minutes long) of Kilkenny-born Father Patrick Dowling, the “miracle priest” who showed up at a bad accident in Missouri.

Many thought he was an angel as he gave comfort to the young woman trapped in the car and calmed down emergency workers desperately trying to free her.

When they failed to find him after the young woman was rescued the legend grew that he had been an actual “angel” or a miracle worker.

Then he stepped forward and laid to rest many of those notions.

Instead he gave a wonderful interview that should be mandatory viewing for all those who want to see the Catholic Church at its best.

About three minutes into the interview he becomes very emotional when asked why he just didn’t drive by like so many others. He makes it clear that would have been a dreadful sin for a priest, tasked with comforting the afflicted, to do so.

His genuine shock at the notion of driving by and not offering his help is deeply impressive, more than a hundred stories about him being a miracle worker.

He is not a prince of the church, he professes no miraculous powers, merely the responsibilities thrust upon him as a good priest.

He fulfilled his mission that day and all ended well with the desperately ill young woman surviving a crash brought about when a drunk driver slammed into her car.

Watch the video. The church needs more Father Dowlings more than anything else to overcome their current problems. The fact that he is an old fashioned Irish priest, intent on doing good makes it even more remarkable.

Here’s the full interview with Fr Dowling on khqatv7: