Irish American Christine Quinn is now odds on favorite to become New York's next mayor after Anthony Weiner's implosion yesterday.

She is set to become the first woman, as well as the first lesbian to become New York's top executive in 2013.

Quinn, whose grandmother left Ireland on the Titanic and barely survived, is a close associate of Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is set to back her in 2013 for the job.

I had the privilege to recently co-host a fundraiser for Quinn with hotelier john Fitzpatrick in Manhattan.

Quinn is extremely popular in the Irish American community and she wowed the crowd as usual. She would be the first irish American mayor since Bill O'Dwyer in the 1940s.

Facts are that the community was split between Anthony Weiner and Quinn. Through his wife, Huma Abedin , who works for Secretary of State Clinton, Wiener had deep roots into the Irish American community.

The Clinton name remains magic in that community and many were anticipating sitting out the mayoral race rather than siding with one candidate or the other.

That has now all changed and Quinn will be heavily favored with Democratic Irish Americans.

She is a tough campaigner, no doubt with the genes of her grandmother, who when the Titanic was going down refused to kneel and pray like many others in steerage were doing and made a run for it.

Now her granddaughter will be making a run for one of the top political jobs in America and looks sure to be the front runner and favorite.

Meanwhile Anthony Weiner backers must be wondering what happened,he had $4 million in the bank and a seemingly insider's shot at City hall.

That is now in ruins.
Anthony Weiner fooled many of us but Christine Quinn will likely be next Mayor of New York now

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