Irish girl Phoebe Prince was slammed into lockers and encouraged on Facebook to kill herself by bullies at South Hadley High in Massachusetts who taunted her, People  magazine has revealed.

Her tragic death by suicide on Jan. 14 is the cover story in this week's issue.

The incredible extent of the bullying of the young Irish girl is revealed in the article.

Her friends tell People that she was "beautiful" and that "she was bullied out of sheer jealousy."

They said all the male attention quickly led to the bullying, with girls calling her "an Irish whore."

Ashley Longe, one of those accused, yelled "Irish whore" at Phoebe in the library on the day she committed suicide. Her former boyfriend, Sean Mulveyhill, and his girlfriend, Kayla Narey, screamed "Close your legs" and "I hate stupid slut" at her in the library as well.

Sharon Velazquez, another accused student, screamed at her "You have to stop being a ho."

Narey and Mulveyhill also wrote "Irish bitch" and other obscenities on the library sign-in sheet. One witness heard Mulveyhil and Longe call her a whore just before she left school and walked home to commit suicide

On the way home, Longe drove past her and hurled an empty Monster Drink can that hit her on the head.

When she reached her home, Phoebe hanged herself in the stairwell with a noose she made from a scarf.

People magazine recreated the last day of Phoebe's life. Early that morning she was " skipping around, she seemed great," a female friend said.

Then she came in for a "barrage of vicious taunts and vulgar insults."

At first she sough solace in her iPod, about which she had once written "I have a song for every moment and mood of my day."

But after lunch Phoebe, seemed increasingly despondent to friends. She described an incident of bullying to them and said "I'll find a way out of this problem."

Little did the friends know she was talking about killing herself.

Her death confounded her friends, who pointed out that she signed off her text messages with a saying "life is an opportunity in itself."

Separately, a spokesman denied that an Irish American school cop, Todd Dinnen, who had befriended Phoebe because of their shared Irish heritage, knew about the bullying.

"Nothing was reported to him. He knew Phoebe Prince. He had instructed a class that she was in. In early November he spoke with her. He's Irish, she was Irish and they formed a conversation about Ireland and about how beautiful the scenery was there. So, he did have interaction with her and he knew her through a class. She did not report any inappropriate activities to him."