The hacking scandal in Britain will be that country's Watergate I predict, a spreading scandal and cancer that will eat away at the heart of the Britihs political, law enforcement and media establishment.

It may well take down Rupert Murdoch, described as the most power man in Britain since Winston Churchhill and the Prime Minister David Cameron as well.

The Murdoch question comes down to ala Watergate what did he know and when did he know it?

Did he know police officers were being bribed, did he know that phones of crime victims were being hacked?

We know his son knew that cops were being paid off-- it is not a huge stretch to imagine the father knew too.

Like Watergate the core of the problem will be the cover-up. It now appears that hundreds of thousands of files were deleted by News International in connection with past enquiries into hacking and police being paid off for tips.

Who was being copied on those files?

It also apears that Prime Minister Cameron ignored several warnings that the man he appointed his chief press sofficer, Andrew Coulson, had taken part in much more illegal activities than he had ever admitted.

Guardian editor Alan Rushbridger warned Cameron about Coulson and told him much worse was to come about phone hacking than had been revealed.

Cameron stupidly ignored the advice.

He may pay dearly. Not only was Coulson his press officer he was a close friend who introduced him to the inner circle of Murdoch's media world.They all became fast friends.

With News International head Rebekah Brooks saying that much worse it due to come out over the next few months, it is hard to see this scandal stopping any time soon.

It will inevitably land at Murdoch's door. Because his son has already admitted that he provided money to bribe British police officers he will be a definite casualty of this, as will Brooks who clearly knows where the bodies are buried.

Once Brooks is arrested she will face an obvious choice to either go to jail or take down those above her who knew.

The question she will be asked will be clear .

What did Rupert know and when did he know it?

Where have we heard that before?

The answer I believe will be that Rupert knew all about about what his newspapers were up to.

Watch this space.

I emailed a friend who work sat The Guardian last night. He promised much more to come.

This will get very interesting