Here's to you Mrs Robinson. In the annals of political hypocrisy Iris Robinson should be in the Hall of Fame. The wife of Northern Ireland's First Minster is an elected MP herself. The news on Thursday that she had an affair with a 19-year-old and concealed her relationship when getting him business grants has hit like a thunderbolt

Robinson deserves all the odium she will get. She has harangued homosexuals on the ills of their ways and adopted a high moral tone that always resonated with her bible thumping supporters. Yet, there are persistent reports that one of her own close relatives is gay.
Not for nothing was she known as the Wicked Witch of the North and received brickbats from human rights groups her anti-gay comments
Now it turns out she has feet of clay - - that she seduced a 19-year-old and got grants for him to start a small business from the very council she sat on without revealing her relationship to him. Worse, she demanded the money back from him and when she didn't get it they broke up and she tried to commit suicide.
I'd almost feel sorry for her except for her utter hypocrisy. She comes from a long line of holier than thou swindlers the Jimmy Swaggerts, the Ted Haggards, the Catholic priest pedophiles, who lectured and moralized while breaking all just laws themselves. Peter Robinson was never a man I warmed to but I feel sorry for him today. He married a hellion. Here's to you Mr. Robinson and God help you too.