Mitt Romney

Don’t blame Mitt Romney for the dire prospects for the GOP in the November election.

Blame the GOP.

Romney has been saddled with a bunch of positions that make it increasingly difficult for him to be elected.

Consider the swing state of Virginia.

Romney trails with women there by a massive 18 points and eight points overall according to a Washington Post poll.

Was it something he said?

No, it was something  that state GOP politicians did ----they passed a law insisting that every woman even considering having an abortion have a transvaginal ultrasound done.

The procedure is described as “a probe is inserted into the vagina, and then moved around until an ultrasound image is produced.”

You didn’t have to be in favor of abortion to understand, if you are a woman in Virginia that such a procedure is a horrific invasion of privacy by the government in what is a very difficult time for any woman.

Then there was leading candidate Rick Santorum who stated he was against contraception when he was running, reflecting a large group in his own party.

Little wonder women everywhere, but especially in Virginia, are fleeing the GOP in droves.

Consider Hispanics, where Romney trails by a massive margin, 74 to 26 in one recent poll.

Back in 2004 George W. Bush won 46 per cent of the Hispanic vote.

That was before the GOP mounted massive anti-immigrant campaigns across the US, turning huge amounts of Hispanics against them.

So don’t blame Romney for that either.

Peggy Noonan and others are laying into the Romney campaign saying it is amateurish and ill-prepared.

But the GOP vehicle that Romney is travelling in already has two flat tires marked Hispanics and women.

The slew to the right is not Romney’s doing, he’s a moderate centrist in GOP terms.

But he is saddled with positions he cannot possibly defend.

Therein as Brutus remarked lies the fault, ”not in the stars but in ourselves” if the GOP looked properly at it.

Blaming Romney is just passing the buck; the GOP presidential candidate is gradually becoming unelectable as much for what his party is doing and standing for as his own lackluster campaign.