Michele Bachmann gets migraine headaches -- should this disqualify her from running for the White House?

That seems to be the gist of today's New York Times article which examined migraines in deep detail and appears to indicate that Bachmann may have a problem.

To which I say bullbleep.

Migraines are manageable and her career so far clearly indicates they have not stopped her forward march.

Since she jumped into the race there has been a pretty concerted effort to paint Bachmann as a nut job, one unfit for the Oval Office.

As her poll numbers jump so do the odd stories.

Last week she was being castigated for calling police when she received a possibly threatening e mail.

Even her Democratic colleagues had to side with her on that one.

Given the world we live in, any sense of a threat to a public official many of whom are exposed to crowds on a regular basis, should be taken seriously.

Remember Gabby Gifford? These politicians appear in front of crowds all the time and need to be protected.

Consider what happened to Rupert Murdoch yesterday when a nut smeared him with a shaving cream pie. It could have been a gun and the allegedly tight security was nowhere to be seen.

Then there was the story that her husband ran a counseling service that claimed it could talk gays into being straight. But when an undercover operative underwent such counselling at the clinic, no such effort was made.

Again no real story.

I don't agree with Bachmann's views on most things, but I do feel it is time that the media wised up and began focusing on policy not made up stories that do them no credit.

Michele Bachmann has risen very swiftly in the polls and it is only right that her record be examined.

But let's keep it to policies, not personalities.