Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn received a generally positive notice from New York Times doyenne Maureen Dowd in her Sunday column which is certain to help her significantly in her race for mayor.

Dowd can make of break political reputations in a single column (ask Bill or Hillary or  W who referred to her as “the viper”).

Most notably her column a few years back revealing Hollywood icon David Geffen was abandoning Hillary was the coda for the death knell of her presidential campaign.

No such worries for Christine Quinn. The two tough Irish broads bonded over breakfast (berries and yogurt)  and according to Dowd, Quinn could be the next big thing even if she has got “lost a little” recently following a negative New York Times profile that portrayed her as, well, a bitch on wheels.

Dowd quotes a commuter at a subway stop telling Quinn “You don’t seem quite as evil as they make you out to be.”

Quinn she reports seemed genuinely taken aback that someone would paint her as evil even though the Times piece portrayed her as a very tough and downright nasty boss at times.

Dowd writes that it has all began to change again for Quinn who was slipping before Anthony Weiner’s implosion.

“This should be the moment for Christine Callaghan Quinn, and she is back in the lead, after being knocked off last month by a resurgent Anthony Weiner.

“The coppery 47-year-old speaker of the New York City Council wants to be seen as a member of the fighting Irish, “a big pushy broad,” as she puts it, who pushes for New York.”

Along the way Dowd notes, Quinn has got caught up in charges of being a rubber stamp for Mayor Bloomberg and of being late to the debate over police stop and frisk tactics.

However, Dowd asks if “Despite her Irish temper, some wonder if she has Bloomberg’s spine.”

Dowd quotes her as saying  it’s frustrating when people criticize her for being politically inauthentic. Quinn says, “you’re gonna make yourself crazy and take up space in your brain — and I don’t have that much space in my brain.”

Quinn does admit she is pushy and loud at times

“Am I pushy?” she asked. “Yep. Do I like taking no for an answer when no means New Yorkers aren’t going to get something they need? No. Do I push back and crack some eggs? Absolutely.”

As to whether she and her partner Kim Catullo will move into Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s residence which Bloomberg never occupied Quinn says they won’t discuss it this far in advance

As for starting a family she says maybe.

“It kind of never came together for us for different timing reasons. It’s not ruled out.”

A lesbian couple having a baby when one of them is mayor of New York might rival the royals for coverage!

Quinn however tells Dowd no matter what happens during the race she can handle it.

She quotes her late mother who died when she was just sixteen.

“My mom was very clear to me and my sister that we had to figure out what we loved to do, and then do it exceptionally well. Making an excuse because you’re a woman or something else was not in her universe of possibilities.”

As she looks more and more likely to be the next mayor the Dowd semi- stamp of approval will certainly help.