Read More: Ten most annoying things about Ireland

We ran a piece yesterday on the top ten things one of our writers Simon Morrison did not like about Ireland and wham!-- the reaction was instantaneous.

The comments began flowing in immediately to our Facebook page and to the website. Many were from Irish people in Ireland outraged that there could be anything like the number of things wrong in Ireland our writer discovered.

I got invited on radio in Ireland to talk about the article and found myself assailed by a couple of hosts slamming Irish Central for even intimating that everything was not perfect in Ireland.

Touchy, touchy.

It suddenly made me realize just what a low ebb confidence in Ireland is at the moment. The death of the Celtic Tiger and the collapse of the economy have led to a deep sense of self doubt that the article seemed to touch upon.

The writer made it clear that he had actually enjoyed Ireland, but, just for contrary reasons decided to talk about the things he did not enjoy.

He stayed away from the obvious ones, the weather -- it was glorious-- and traffic because he took public transport most of the time.

But no refills for coffee, waitresses not interested, no daytime flight, many road signs that led nowhere were all included.

Most I would have though were pretty basic and most people would agree with them.

Not many of our readers.

It also shows the deep love and affection that is out there for Ireland among Irish Americans.

Many recounted in great detail the wonderful time they had there and were shocked to hear anything bad.

As well they should be. Ireland is a magnificent place that combines people scenery and craic in a wonderful pastiche.

But it is not perfect.

Which is all Simon Morrison was saying.