President Obama has no vision of immigration reform in the foreseeable future.

Despite his fighting words when meeting with Mexican president Felipe Calderon, Obama has demonstrated much more by deed that this is one hot potato he does not want to touch.

Indeed, he is deporting people at a faster rate than George Bush ever did according to Frank Sharry, a leading immigration advocate.

What this president is doing is talking the talk but not walking the walk.

It is a black mark on his presidency in my opinion. If you look at what happened with First Lady Michelle Obama yesterday you will see what I mean.

She took the Mexican First Lady to meet a second grade class in nearby Maryland.

One of the little girls, in the endearingly innocent way that little girls have, blurted out that her mom had no papers and that President Obama was trying to get her out of the country.

Try as Michelle Obama did to comfort the little girl the damage had been done. The little girl had exposed the Obama administration's real immigration policy -- do nothing but deport.

All the president's men could not change that reality and the Mexican president will go back home as empty handed as when he arrived.

Just once you wish a U.S. president would stand up and say here is the right thing to do, yes work on enforcement, yes, crack down on the border, but also give people like the mother of this little girl a chance at a new life like generations of immigrants before them.

Just yesterday a police officer in Arizona said he "felt like a Nazi' trying to enforce the draconian new laws put on the books.

Is this the America we want?

What about it Mr.President?