Caroline Kennedy has allowed for six and a half hours of interviews with her mother Jackie to be turned into to a book and released next year in time for the 50th anniversary of her father's inauguration.

Bad idea.

The interviews took place with family historian and major scholar Arthur Schlesinger and occurred shortly after the assassination.

Still a bad idea.

Schlesinger's relationship with the Kennedys undoubtedly precluded him from asking any tough questions. Caroline Kennedy was a devoted daughter would never have allowed any controversial comments to enter the public record.

Yet the real historical record reveals a far more complex relationship between JFK and his wife than Jackie is likely to talk about.

Instead Jackie is in danger of looking dangerously naive about her marriage and her husband The tapes will doubtless reveal a Jackie who will speak about a devoted couple even though the harsh truth was otherwise-- and Jackie knew it.

JFK's womanizing was legendary and Jackie knew enough about it but had the class to keep her thoughts to herself.

The new interviews will likely show her up in light of what history has revealed.

It seems pointless to do that given that her reputation has only improved in that near fifty year period since.

The Kennedy family should let sleeping giants lie.