The proposed new law in Ireland to arrest only men when it comes to prostitution smacks to me of political correctness gone mad.

It takes two to tango and it is unjust criminalizing the men only.

It is also wrong as it is now, making the women the only evil ones.

Prostitution is the world's oldest profession, one that has flourished in every society in every century.

It is an indelible factor in the human condition, a matter of supply and demand and the only solution is to legalize it.

Sure there would be lots of moral outrage, but the plain truth is that where it has been tried it appears to work

In Nevada where the entire business is overseen by the state, all transactions are legal and there is markedly little exploitation compared to other states and countries.

There are no pimps or people to exploit sex workers and the women are regularly examined for sexual diseases.

In addition, there are no major drug issues surrounding prostitution like there are elsewhere.

There was a heartbreaking story in The New York Times this morning about school kids forced to walk past a stretch of street known as a prostitutes hang out on their way to school in The Bronx everyday.

Heartbreaking for the kids, and also for the hookers themselves. those interviewed were clearly addled by drugs and forced to sell their bodies to keep their addiction going.

Clearly, current laws that victimize the women and let the men off scot free in most cases are not correct, neither is it correct to just flip the equation.

As I said, it takes two to tango and the best way to do it is to legalize it as far as possible and keep the pimps and drug dealers out of it.

Ireland needs to recognize that.