John Brennan, son of Irish parents, has become the most valued foreign policy aide to President Barack Obama says the Washington Post.

The Post reports that Brennan shares a small west wing office with Denis McDonough, another key Irish aide to Obama and that both men have major access to the president.

Brennan was the man the president turned to after the near explosion on board a flight on Christmas day.

"Within two weeks, Brennan had produced a sharply written report that caught other intelligence heads by surprise -- and caused an uproar in some quarters for its harsh assessment of intelligence agencies' performance." the paper reports.

"Brennan has grown only more powerful within the White House, according to numerous officials. His allies -- and there are many -- say he is abundantly competent with a reassuring style." the Post reports.

The paper says that Brennan has built a "high-voltage security hub in the White House, one that far outmuscles that of his predecessors. From a windowless, lower-level West Wing suite that he shares with Denis R. McDonough, the chief of staff to the National Security Council, Brennan has frequent access to the president."

He is Obama's 'Invaluable go-to person'

Brennan, 55, was in the CIA most of his working life.

He speaks fluent Arabic and was once CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia.

He was born in Northern New Jersey to Irish parents from Roscommon.

Now he is at the right hand of Obama for every major foreign policy crisis.It is a major achievement for the son of immigrants from the old sod.

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