Joe Kennedy is now regretting he did not run against Scott Brown for the Massachusetts senate seat held by his uncle Teddy Kennedy.

Kennedy was asked yesterday whether it was a mistake that he did not run
“The thought has crossed my mind,” Kennedy said. “Maybe that wasn’t the greatest decision I ever made.”

However he ruled out running against Brown in two years time "I cleared out of that (politics),” he said. “This is what I do now. I like what I do very much" he told the Boston Herald referring to his Citizens Energy Corporation that helps bring fuel to the poor in need.

Kennedy was said to be wary of running because of efforts to link him to Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez who supplies much of the oil for his Citizens Energy corporation.

Experts say he would have won easily. Philip Johnston, former head of the Democratic Party, said Kennedy would have been an easy victor.

“Joe would have won easily because he would have tapped into the populist anger that’s out there among voters,” Johnston said. “Joe is very much like his Dad, former Senator Robert F. Kennedy. They are fearless in taking on the establishment and that’s why he would have done so well.”In a recent poll Kennedy had a 62 per cent favorable rating.

Kennedy also told the Boston Herald that he wasn’t surprised that Martha Coakley was defeated.

“To be honest with you, I was surprised that (Brown’s) margin was as small as it was,” he said.

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