It takes Maureen Dowd to finally point out what media people have known for months.

Vice President Joe Biden is more popular than President Obama these days.

Dowd's column this Sunday morning slams Obama and how he treats the media.

Biden on the other hand is praised for his openness and popularity.

"Biden gave a press party at his house recently with a beach theme — complete with Uzi-size squirt guns and water slides. Journalists came with their families, schmoozed with top White House officials like David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, and watched a dripping wet vice president walk around with his little grandson. One Obama aide remarked that Biden is “the most beloved person in the White House.”

"...the vice president is so lacking in any vengeful feelings for past reporting that left him for dead, I sometimes wonder if he’s really Irish." Dowd writes.

Dowd writes that Obama was always aloof and distrustful of the press despite the fact that most adored him during the campaign.

Now that some in the press have turned against him Dowd says Obama is proving very thin skinned.

" It hurts Obama to be a crybaby about it, and to blame the press and the “old Washington game” for his own communication failures." Dowd writes

Amazing isn't it when you think of it that Biden has become the more popular of the two.

Suddenly Obama's incredible leap from obscurity to the White House is coming back to haunt him when it comes to the long term savvy on how to deal with the press.

In this case it is Irish Uncle Joe who is showing the way.