Delighted to see that Jim Dwyer of The New York Times has broken the biggest story of the year, the true story behind the accuser of Dominique Strauss Khan.

Jim is a long time friend, a former Pulitzer Prize winner who goes where other journalists fear to go.

His piece today is a classic example of his sniffer dog ability to check the real truth out.His parents came over from Galway and Kerry respectively and Jim was actually schooled in Ireland for a time.

We texted for quite a while after the story broke and he typically put the scoop down to his 'longevity' in the business.

He now writes the About New York column for The New York Times and no one has better sources in this naked city of 16 million as he has just proven. I've worked a few stories with him over the years and he is absolutely forensic in his pursuit of the facts.

On 9/11 he co-wrote with Kevin Flynn a truly remarkable book about what actually happened called '102 minutes, which gave a gripping moment by moment blow by blow of what was happening inside the Twin Towers as the minutes ticked down after the jets crashed into them.

His Pulitzer was awarded in part because of his stories on Northern Ireland. He came over with me on that never to be forgotten period just when the IRA were calling the August 1994 ceasefire and he got the American exclusive on it.

Now he has set the world back on its heels again with the sensational revelation that the maid had likely made up a previous rape charge, had a boyfriend who was a major drug dealer and had put $100,000 in her bank account recently and that she had huge inconsistencies in her story.

Just an ordinary day's work for Jim I know, who wouldn't even go on the Today show to discuss it. Unlike the modern breed of tabloid tell all, get my face on TV, he wants the facts to speak for themselves.