For sheer hypocrisy it would be very difficult to beat Bishop Christopher Jones of the Irish hierarchy who yesterday slammed the new civil partnership bill which would allow gay couples some of the benefits of marriage in Ireland.

At a time when the actions of pedophile priests and cover-ups by fellow bishops have helped destroy the social fabric of so much in Ireland, Jones says the new bill will destroy Irish society.

This is despite the fact that numerous countries have such civil partnership laws now and societies are doing just fine with them in place.

Clearly the Bishop of Elphin in Roscommon , pictured above at an Irish Army function must live in a glass house after reading his comments.

This is the same bishop who loudly lamented media coverage of the pedophile issue saying the church has been singled out.
" The cover-up has gone on for centuries, not just in the Church … it’s going on today in families, in communities, in societies. Why are you singling out the Church?”

Well because you set yourselves up as moral guardians, is one reason. And because it is rampant in your institution for another.

With comments like that you would wonder what planet Bishop Jones lives on.

Having the Irish hierarchy with the exception of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who has been forthright and outspoken on the pedophile crisis, speak on matters of morals is a little like listening to Donald Trump preach on the virtues of modesty.

Here are some of them of the comments by Bishop Jones;

: "Today we all know stories of drugs delinquency and crime in our society. People say put more gardai on the streets and more cells in prisons. The battle for a healthy, happy society into the future will be won and lost in marriage and family life."

"Once the State makes something legal, people automatically think it is OK for them. That is why the introduction of divorce has such a negative effect on our understanding of marriage. People think that if the State sees nothing wrong with the law, then it is morally right. That is how new laws can change the perceptions of people."

"Surely all of this is saying to our young people of the future, 'Yes you are right to cohabit outside of marriage. Yes, you are right to form same sex unions and we, as the State, will support you as we support marriage itself'.

"Of course once the bill goes through, marital status will be replaced by civil status in legislation. Civil status will head up census forms and all official forms and marriage will be just one other category of relationship with cohabitees and same-sex unions.

"However, we appeal to young people to rediscover that marriage is the only way forward for happiness.

"By living with each other outside of marriage, you may be meeting your own physical and emotional needs but you are refusing to formalise your relationship.

"You are not prepared to make the commitment for life that married love demands. You are rejecting the direction of both Church and State to create the stable and secure environment into which children are born."
: "Everything I have tried to say about marriage and family founded on marriage has been recognised by our State through decades and has been enshrined in our Constitution.

"That means that our State or our Government is obliged to protect and care for marriage and for family founded on marriage."