If you are an immigrant or visitor avoid Arizona.

That is my clear advice after the state has passed an utterly draconian law that means you can be stopped and searched at any time, going about your normal business in the state.

That means that if you do not have your passport with you --and many do not carry it with them to avoid losing it-- you can be arrested and jailed right away.

It is the kind of law that would have made the Nazi Party happy in 1930s Germany. All Arizona needs to do now is concoct an armband,perhaps, green for Irish immigrants, red for Mexicans, so we all have to identify ourselves when and if we travel to the state.

Arizona is about to become ground zero in the battle for immigrant rights but more importantly one that has become a battleground for something more important

What is the role of the state and its ability to intervene in your life is something that deeply exercises the Tea Party folk.

Yet there has not been a peep out them about this new legislation that clearly allows police to make judgements based on nothing more than how you might be dressed or look.

Talk about a police state.

A flood of criticism from ordinary citizens reveals that many feel the same way about Arizona as I do. I will not go there under any circumstances unless they start to treat people like human being s and not instantly as criminals.

What is next? tattoos for people who come into state who don't have an all white all American appearance?

This law goes way too far and people are beginning to realize it.

It is what happens when you pander to the far right like John McCain has done and lose your soul in the process.