What a shock! U2 member Adam Clayton may have had as much as $3 million stolen from him by his housekeeper a Dublin court has been told.

Adam Clayton has secured a high court order freezing the assets of his former housekeeper Carol Hawkins after alleging she may have stolen $3 million from him.

The evidence suggests that Mrs Hawkins bought an apartment in New York, had shares in several horses and used Clayton's debit and credit cards for the private use of her and her family.

In September 2008 Hawkins went to Clayton and admitted she had stolen $20,000. He had dealt with it in a "compassionate manner" and kept her employed the court was told.

It turned out  however that she may have withdrawn about $1,000 twice daily for a period of 13 months  from his credit and debit cards.

Two accountants also discovered trips to Chicago for her son and a friend as well as numerous other expenses charged against Clayton's accounts.