Hillary Clinton's age and health for the Presidential Race 2016 comes into question

Hillary Clinton’s illness will raise questions about the most vulnerable aspect of any 2016 presidential run for her – her age and health.

She will be 69 when, and if, she runs, and the health and age issue was bound to surface at some level as she went closer to deciding to run.

Considering that only Ronald Reagan has run at a similar age and he was suspected of suffering from early Alzheimer’s during his second term, it could become a major issue.

This latest illness, especially involving a potential blood clot, will raise such questions to a higher level. The White House is no place to be for a less than healthy occupant.

Clinton has looked exhausted in recent months, and it has been attributed to an incredibly taxing travel schedule but a campaign is also an exhausting marathon as Clinton herself can attest to after her 2008 experience.

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During her most recent trip Clinton spent two days in Ireland and it was obvious that not only she, but also her staff were at the limits of their endurance.

The Benghazi affair also added to the pressure and it was clear during her Dublin and Belfast leg that a new term for Obama and her replacement as Secretary of State was something she was greatly looking forward to.

She talked about reading books, relaxing, helping with the Clinton Foundation, but mostly just taking a long rest from the backbreaking schedule.

At a dinner at the Residence Restaurant in Dublin surrounded by close Irish friends, Clinton finally looked relaxed and sipped a beer as she went around the table, asking how everyone had been faring.

It was a brief glimpse of the old Hillary, the very warm private person who holds friendships dear.

But clearly something was amiss on that trip and soon after she came back she fainted and received a concussion and now comes news of the blood clot.

It is far too early to say if there will be any long-term impact on her health but with 2016 speculation already bubbling it will bound to be a matter of intense conversation over the coming days.