The senior politician could not have been more direct with me.

"President Obama never thinks of addressing the ordinary guy, the intellectual exercise is what it is about, not what is in people's hearts."

"What he needs is some Lyndon Johnson about him, some down and dirty horsetrading to get the work done."

18 months into his term , President Obama seems becalmed, unsure of what to do next. The fact that he had such a rapid rise to the pinnacle is coming back to haunt him.

In the end of the day he does not have the necessary experience it seems to be a great president.

There's a lot of on the job training going on. The great orator has become a muted voice, the daredevil candidate who capsized the stars has become an introspective halting leader.

He seeks bipartisan support where none exists and seemingly is unable to maneuver and bring it about.

Where has the great orator who inspired a generation gone now that he has the bully pulpit?

Which makes me think again about Hillary Clinton.

She is showing the muscle and guts in State that Obama seems to have lost in the White House.

She also had good long-term relationships with many Republicans from her time in the senate. She also understood how the game was played, how the horse trading got done.

She also has a clear voice with no muddled message.

Take the issue of the killings by Israeli commandos in Gaza of the Free Gaza flotilla members.

It was State that came out quickly and forced Israel to back away from their initial belligerent statements.

It seems Clinton is not afraid to confront a great ally and tell them when they were wrong.

She is not afraid to confront period.

That comes from a lifetime of seasoning in different political jobs and positions and a sense that when compromise is impossible confrontation is not to be shied away from.

It seems increasingly apparent to me, watching Obama founder, that the wrong Democrat was elected president.