Herman Cain
Herman Cain is finding himself in the impossible situation of defending the indefensible.

His White House dreams are undoubtedly over.

It appears now that payment was made to at least one woman underling to settle a sexual harassment suit when he ran the National Restaurant Association.

America will forgive an affair but not a coercive relationship that ended in a pay off.
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It only takes an accusation and a pay off, regardless of the truth, for the matter to finish him.

It appears according to NBC that a pay off took place.

In which case Herman Cain is toast.

It always amazes me that politicians like Cain and John Edwards get into races knowing full well that there are such dark allegations in their past.

Surely they know that in the white heat of presidential contests it is almost certain such information will be ferreted out.

Next up, no doubt, will be the accuser who will paid handsomely to name times and places.

It is the oldest story in the book but candidates like Cain continue to fall for it.

Amazing isn't it.