Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat Christie
(Photo: Reuters)

The news that Chris Christie governor of New Jersey has undergone weight loss surgery makes clear he is running for the White House.

He has already lost 40 pounds from the surgery according to The New York Post  which revealed he underwent the procedure in February.

The incredibly shrinking governor with Irish and Italian roots becomes an immediate front runner if a svelter, clean cut looking candidate emerges.

He told The Post he was doing it for his kids and not his political future but I’d bet a corn beef sandwich that White House calculations played a huge part.

Hitting age 50 and weighing 350lbs Christie knew he had to do something to tame his gargantuan appetite and lumbering figure.

He underwent the gastric surgery in great secrecy, having the surgeon visit him rather than the other way around.

Now he is ready to showcase the new Christie.

He becomes a formidable opponent and will be an immediate front runner.

His problem is getting out of the Republican primary. He is far too centrist to win at the moment given the slew to the right of the GOP in recent years.

But a Christie versus Hillary would be a smash, a political fight for the ages.