Immigrant children arriving to a new land
If there is one sentiment that bothers me at present it is the oft repeated lie that emigrants always take American jobs.

It has been my experience that emigrants far from taking jobs, create them.

Let's take an incredible example, Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

Here is an emigrant from Russia who started one of the world's greatest companies.

No doubt there are many America Firsters out there who would prefer he never came to these shores because he would 'take' an American job.'

He now employs close to 10,000 Americans and gets 1,300 resumes a day from people seeking to work at Google.

Over half the start-ups in Silicon Valley are by emigrants, yes, that despised class that many America Firsters seem to believe belong in the nearest jail.

In my own experience as an emigrant, I never worked for an American company in my life.

I came to the US as a school teacher. After a brief period as a house painter I stated my own newspapers and have been working for myself ever since -- and employing many Americans along the way.

I love what this country has given me and hope I have given back -- partly by providing jobs for some Americans.

So when anti-immigrant groups such as Numbers USA start their usual rant that America is full up of foreigners and doesn't need any others I ask you to think of Sergey Brin, Albert Einstein, Nobel winner Eli Wiesel and many other magnificent emigrants to this country who have made such a profound difference

Only that way will we have any understanding of the massive up-side of emigration.