The most impressive winner last night was Marco Rubio the senate winner in Florida.

His acceptance speech reminded me of another minority candidate, Barack Obama when he first stepped on the world stage at the Democratic convention in 2000.

His paean to his father, a penniless Cuban migrant whose own son is elected to the most powerful institution in America was beautifully stated and deeply felt.

He was also surprisingly modest, not over the top because of his victory, clearly understanding that voters were not voting for Republicans out of love but out of frustration with the other party.

I found myself moved by John Boehner, too the next speaker of the House

One of 12 kids who worked 'every job he could' to get through college, he too reaffirmed the American dream in the most amazing way by rising to become the next speaker.

He obviously felt very deeply emotional about that rise and his tears humanized the man in a way that thousands of hours of attack politics never could have.

I would expect Marco Rubio to run for president of the United States some day in the not too distant future, he has a compelling personal story and is clearly very talented.

I would expect Boehner to be a better speaker than perhaps we might have thought he would be if he holds on to that vision of where he came from.

All in all an intriguing election, Big victories for tea party candidates must be measured beside the loss of races where Tea Party candidates were considered too extreme,such as Susan O'Donnell and Sharon Angle.

Three elections in a row now, America have thrown the bums out of whatever party. Politicians beware!