Observers of Hillary Clinton will have been intrigued by some of the nuggets about the Secretary of State in the new Vanity Fair profile.

The relationship with Obama is gone into in some detail, as are the workaholic habits and the reconciliation with Irish-born Samantha Power who dissed her on the campaign trail when Power was with Obama.

What was most intriguing though was the soft denial from staffers about a run in 2016 when she will be sixty-nine the month before the election, close to the same age as Ronald Reagan was when he ran for the first time.

Is there one more run in the Grand Dame of American politics?

Don’t rule it out would be the best advice. The Clinton’s are like the old warhorses who hear the sound of war and head straight towards the battlefield.

Hillary looks great has shown incredible competence in her new job and has earned and owns the respect of most Americans.

Polls show her one of the most popular figures in the US.

So don’t rule out 2016 yet, despite many protestations to the contrary

As Vanity Fair noted; “…. But it’s hard to believe “Clinton” and “ambition” have been fully sundered. In 2016, the Democrats are unlikely to have anyone better or more acceptable to different parts of the party."