For his fans he was a force of fury now reality must be clear, he’s out of control.

I never became a Conor McGregor fan - even though sometimes it seemed the whole world was.

He got $85 million for “fighting” Floyd Mayweather in a bout Mayweather could easily have won in the first round but the fans had to be catered for. Fake fight -- as fake as the WWE.

To his fans, he was a force of fury, a smart-talking, whiskey-swilling, ass-whipping dude from Dublin’s tough Northside who set out to conquer the world.

Conquer it he did but somewhere along the line, he lost something far more important than his mojo. He lost his mind.

If even 20 percent of the rumors about recent incidents in Dublin are true, then it is a black night of the soul for all those who adored him.

Straight outta Crumlin, Conor McGregor.

Straight outta Crumlin, Conor McGregor.

Michael Jackson fans somehow excused the legend tucking in with a seven-year-old in bed. McGregor fans too have skipped forward the video on events such as punching out people in bars. throwing barricades at a bus, and now beating up some harmless goombah who tried to take his picture. Not to mention the rumors about far worse.

He gives every appearance of careening out of control. Hanging out with drug dealers, living the thug life is fun when the fans will excuse any crap.

For his fundamentalist fans, denial is a river in Egypt every bit as ridiculous as ignoring climate change, denying Obama was born in America or pretending what Michael Jackson did was just fine.

Conor McGregor promoting his Irish whiskey Proper No. Twelve.

Conor McGregor promoting his Irish whiskey Proper No. Twelve.

The one true McGregor, however, is a thug, likely with severe drug problems and utterly out of control.

His fans can’t see it.

Dr. Saul Levine writing in Psychology Today puts it best:

“There is a peculiar type of 'Denial' we are witnessing nowadays, whereby seemingly intelligent and sane adults vehemently deny truths despite a body of irrefutable data.”

Consider McGregor “Exhibit A”. He needs help but so do his fans.

As the Miami felony arrest shows life’s a bitch when reality bites.

Has Conor McGregor's behavior over the years changed your opinion of the Irish sportsman? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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