Congressman Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania is a disgrace to his Irish roots. Yesterday he was one of just nine Democrats who voted to never allow 'amnesty' for undocumented persons in America.

Congressman Murphy should be ashamed of himself. He has joined the ranks of the anti immigrant lynch mob which seeks to ensure that immigrants are treated with hate and suspicion.

Back when Congressman Patrick Murphy's forefathers were trying to come to America there was an ignoramus group called the Know Nothings that, like Patrick Murphy now, wanted to seize the Irish and deport them in chains back to the old country. They hoisted signs like 'No Irish Need Apply' and portrayed us as apes and simians.

The Irish overcame all that discrimination and Patrick Murphy is a congressman today because of what his forefathers were able to achieve.

I'm sure they are turning over in their graves today at the idea of what their descendant has decided to do -- to join the ranks of the modern 'Know Nothings' and seek to inflame hatred and violence against immigrants. Some of them today , by the way, are from the same country that Congressman Patrick Murphy's people came from.

Not far from where this congressman's district is located is a place called Duffy's Cut where in 1832 an estimated 57 Irish laborers were found dead. Many had been murdered because locals feared they were spreading cholera. They were only six weeks in America.

Near Scranton, Congressman Patrick Murphy can find the graves of many of the Molly Maguires who were similarly murdered by mine bosses because they dared to revolt against sickening working conditions.

Congressman Patrick Murphy should know his history -- he is a former Marine who served in Iraq, and he should know that turning on the weakest and most vulnerable is not the Irish or the American way.

Except it is for Congressman Patrick Murphy, a man who has disgraced his roots and his history. Shame on him.