The CIA uses Irish Americans as examples of "exporter of terrorism.” because of support for the IRA in a new classified document released by Wikileaks.

In the latest Wikileaks document released yesterday a classified CIA document referred to as a "red cell" document is displayed.

It discusses what the impact would be if other countries began to view Americans as part of the terrorism problem rather than helping with the solution.

The document is entitled " What If Foreigners See the United States as an “Exporter of Terrorism”?

It says some Irish Americans were definitely part of this scenario and replays Irish American history.

"Some Irish-Americans have long provided financial and material support for violent efforts to compel the United Kingdom to relinquish control of Northern Ireland.

In the 1880s, Irish-American members of Clan na Gael dynamited Britain’s Scotland Yard,Parliament, and the Tower of London, and detonated bombs at several stations in the London underground.

"In the twentieth century, Irish-Americans provided most of the financial support sent to the Irish Republican Army (IRA). The US-based IrishNorthern Aid Committee (NORAID), founded in the late 1960s, provided the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) with money that was frequently used for arms purchases.

Only after repeated high-level British requests and then London’s support for our bombing of Libya in the 1980s did the US Government crack down on Irish-American support for the IRA."

The document opens "Much attention has been paid recently to the increasing occurrence of American-grown Islamic terrorists conducting attacks against US targets,primarily in the homeland. "

The document argues that ."Less attention has been paid to homegrown terrorism, not exclusively Muslim terrorists, exported overseas to target non-US persons. This report examines the implications of what it would mean for the US to be seen increasingly as an incubator .... “

"Contrary to common belief, the American export of terrorism or terrorists is not a recent phenomenon, nor has it been associated only with Islamic radicals or people of Middle Eastern, African or South Asian ethnic origin. This dynamic belies the American belief that our free, open and integrated multicultural society lessens the allure of radicalism and terrorism for US citizens.

• Late last year five young Muslim American men traveled from northern Virginia to Pakistan allegedly to join the Pakistani Taliban and to engage in jihad. Their relatives contacted the FBI after they disappeared without telling anyone, and then Pakistani authorities arrested them as they allegedly attempted to gain access to al-Qa’ida training facilities.

• In November 2008, Pakistani-American David Headley conducted surveillance in support of the Lashkar-i-Tayyiba (LT) attack in Mumbai, India that killed more than 160 people. LT induced him to change his name from Daood Gilani to David Headle yto facilitate his movement between the US, Pakistan, and India.

• Some American Jews have supported and even engaged in violent acts against perceived enemies of Israel. In 1994, Baruch Goldstein, an American Jewish doctorf rom New York, emigrated to Israel, joined the extremist group Kach, and killed 29 Palestinians during their prayers in the mosque at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron which helped to trigger a wave of bus bombings by HAMAS in early 1995."