Huge earthquake in Chile, Tsunami threatened, earthquake in Haiti, crazy cold weather in Ireland and the U.S. What is happening to our world?

In a word nothing, or at least nothing we can explain.

Of course the doomsayers say we are bound for perdition, the global warmers will say it is all a sign of impending future disasters, global coolers will point outside their windows and say see it is snowing,therefore no global climate change.

None of them know whether they are talking sense or blather.

We live in a random world,where the unexplained happens all the time,. Why does one person die and not another? Why are our lives so full of doubt and uncertainty? Some will say religion explains it all ,others that nothing does.

Neither is satisfactory because we just don't know.Sure we can speculate and in the case of religion,put forward a formidable case, but until someone returns from the other side and tells us how it is we are all just guessing.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld put it best .There are unknowns and known unknowns --Which means its all unknown.