I arrived in Ireland this morning from New York to a crashing sound.

No it wasn't the economy collapsing, it was a concrete mixer truck being driven into the gates of Ireland's parliament by a disgruntled taxpayer.

At around 7.a.m the mixer mounted the pavement and drove straight at the gates of the parliament known as Leinster House

The mixer had the words "Anglo Toxic Bank" painted on its drum and another billboard on the back of the truck saying "all politicians should be sacked"

The Anglo reference was a clear attack on that toxic bank which may cost the Irish taxpayers up to $60 billion in bailout money.

One of those politician is my brother, Fergus O'Dowd, an opposition party member who happened to be the only politician in the vicinity when the truck came careening up on the footpath.

Still shaken by the incident he told me a police officer had barely jumped out of the way as the truck approached at speed

A 41-year-old man has now been arrested and charged.

Already he's a hero. Talk radio here is full of texts from members of the public praising him for his act of desperation.

It says a lot about where this country is at at the moment.

Bankers and politicians belong in the rogue's gallery and the public are heartily sick at what has happened to their economy.

Desperate times bring desperate acts it seems