10/23/2009 09:47 PM

Bill O'Reilly wants to work for Barack Obama. No I'm not kidding.

That is what O’Reilly reveals in his column in The New York Post this week.

Here's what Bill wrote: "President Obama should fire White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
and hire me as his top adviser. Don't laugh I can almost guarantee higher poll numbers for Obama if he brings me on board.”

But how does Bill O' intend to achieve that feat?

"First thing I'd declare a truce with Fox News. Right now the president is spending more time launching offensives against Fox than... the Taliban."

Fair enough, Bill would certainly help with Fox, but what about the other networks then? They would sure as hell be upset off if Bill is taking the briefings.

Still it would be delicious to see David Gregory or Andrea Mitchell of NBC quiz Bill on Iraq.

Then Bill says he would commit 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan because the U.S. Army "deserves a chance to win" there.

Uh oh, Afghanistan has fought off every invader since the time it was part of the “Great Game" between the British and the Russians in the 19th century. They both got defeated and got out somewhere along the line. Can America be any different?

Bill thinks so. I'm not so sure.

Bill has a good idea on tort reform to lower the cost health care lawsuits and lower premiums and he says Barack needs to drop the public option. Part one I can see, part two I don't think so.

The insurance companies are rapacious and bloody-minded – ask anyone who has dealt with them. They won't change unless there is significant government regulation and involvement.

Bill also thinks Obama has a fascination with far-left radicals. Sure they been a couple of lefties in his administration but look at the main players – Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geitner Joe Biden – far left radicals? I think not.

I agree with Bill that Obama needs to stay off TV for a while. He has reached the overexposure level and needs to draw back a little.

So overall Bill has some good ideas and some not so good.

But he should remember it is not about ratings for a president – it’s about legacy. Obama needs to spend his capital on issues like health care otherwise his presidency will be a failure.

Unlike other Fox anchors I think Bill wants him to succeed.

Why do I have sneaking feeling Bill O'Reilly likes this guy?