The sold out show featuring Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck at the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island on Saturday night proved one thing above all others.

O'Reilly is a serious conservative commentator worth listening to while Glenn Beck is a one trick pony who knows how to rabble rouse and little else .

Beck has one note all night, hitting the 'elites' who run the country. Last time I looked Barack Obama was an African American born to a single mother who went on welfare for a time. He hardly started with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The world seems a very simple place for Beck,always black and white, good and bad, no confusing states of gray. Simpletons often believe that. O'Reilly has a far more nuanced view.

O'Reilly, for instance, is far more nuanced about the president " I don't have anything against Barack Obama he said . . . I think he's a smart guy who doesn't understand you."Fair enough.

Beck literally got on his knees to say 'Thank you Jesus' for the election of Scott Brown over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts. Wouldn't Jesus have more important things to do than worry over who won a senate race? Not according to Beck.

Newsday quoted Robert Zimmerman, a Democratic National Committeeman, who was at the event with some Republican friends "I respect Bill O'Reilly for his independence and his intellect," said Zimmerman. He added, "I can't say the same for Beck, who is essentially a right-wing Atlantic City lounge act."

I can't disagree with that.

O'Reilly a local boy made good referred to the kind of blue collar kids he played with as a kid and their distrust of the 'pinheads' on both sides in Washington. The crowds loved it.

One of those pinheads is undoubtedly Bill Maher who appeared in the same venue last week. The crowd was double the size at the O'Reilly/Beck event. Perhaps that says where people's anger is directed right now.

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