Andrew Cuomo is the best politician in America right now and he is looking more and more like a player for the White House in 2016.

His ability to get things done is truly shocking. New York state has been essentially gridlocked for over a decade with Republicans and Democrats disagreeing on just about everything.

Enter Cuomo and suddenly the Red Sea has parted.

He came into power after two of the worst governors in New York history, Eliot Spitzer who was forced to resign over a sex scandal and David Patterson who was useless and ineffectual.

Cuomo has blazed a trail however.

First he forced lawmakers to admit and publicize their private business interests, halting an never ending scandal where they could take in millions anonymously.

Then he slashed the budget, delivered it on time, faced down the public unions and passed gay marriage.

All in the space of less than six months.

His management of the gay marriage bill was incredible. He lined up libertarian conservatives to support it, pledged to help any lawmaker with his re-election who supported it and that was only the beginning.

He also warned the gay lobby to get their act together after previous failures and even maintained a relationship with the Catholic Church on the issue, explaining to them what he was doing.

His experience working as Chief of Staff for his father has obviously given him a huge insight into how state politics works.

Now that he is in charge he is electrifying state government. Surely 2016 must loom like a lighthouse to him just now.

His father became known as Hamlet on the Hudson for his indecisiveness about running.

His son will have no such qualms. He has already built up a favor bank that could propel him to the White House as the first Italian American president.

If he keeps this up it looks a real prospect