A warm welcome to David Cameron who makes his first U.S. visit as British Prime Minister today.

When was the last time an Irish American publication made a Tory Prime Minster of Britain felt welcome in America?

The short answer is never.

Indeed, Margaret Thatcher inspired tens of thousands of Irish Americans to take to the streets after the Hunger Strikes of 1981 when ten men died. It is a long way from her to David Cameron.

But Cameron is different and has engendered enormous good will among Irish Americans.

That is hardly surprising given his immediate apology and acceptance of the Bloody Sunday report into the shooting of 14 innocent civilians by British paratroopers.

That was a classy move, no mealy mouthed approach, no stumbling over the truth, just a straightforward and open and abject apology for what had happened.

Then last week his government named Derry as the British City of Culture for 2013. Again, a helping hand at a time when Northern Ireland desperately needs it.

So welcome David Cameron and enjoy your first American visit.

It is historic in many ways, but also for Irish Americans,who usually regard Tory leaders as next to Beelzebub.

Not on this occasion.