08/29/2009 10:55 PM

A new Kennedy star was born today.

Teddy Kennedy Junior, looking for all the world like his departed father gave a eulogy that far surpassed the boiler plate of President Obama who was unable to rise to the occasion.

Teddy's memory of losing his leg to cancer and his father helping him to climb a steep hill in a snowstorm using his artificial leg left tears in everyone's eyes.

If Teddy Kennedy Junior ever decided to throw his hat into the fray for the Massachussets Senate seat it would be no contest.

With a name like that, as powerful an oratorical style as that and with the memory of his father so fresh in everyone's mind it would not even be close.

Kennedy's other son Patrick gave a warm eulogy also but never reached the heights of Teddy Junior.

Whether the New York lawyer and Wall Street worker Teddy Junior would ever think of a political career is open to question - but one thing is clear - he is far superior to anyone else of his Kennedy generation.

Joe Kennedy, the former congressman looked tired and older during the service. His race has been run andit appears unlikely he will run for the seat.

Bobby Kennedy Junior - after promising much - decided not to run for the Senate seat in New York and has passed on the opportunity for ever.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend became Lieutenant Governor of Maryland but suffered a charisma deficit in direct proportion to the amount of excess charisma her uncle Teddy had. She too is out of politics

Vicki would certainly win it, but the weight of the Kennedy legacy would weigh too heavily on her if she does, as it did on Jackie Onassis when she had to find a life outside the claustrophobic Kennedy clan.

As for Barack Obama; where has the magic gone? This was the opportunity for him to reach back to his halycon days onthe camapign trail when he seared the soul of America with his oratory.

Since winning the White House he has been a disappointment, preferring a no-nonsense delivery to his wonderful high-flying oratory.

That is understandable but the Kennedy eulogy was a time to let fly, to soar, to inspire, to educate and build on the dream that Teddy dreamt.

He did none of that. Obama is looking more like a creature of the Chicago political machine, cautious, wary, always with an eye on the chance of cutting a deal rather than inspiring a new direction.

Teddy woud have been disappointed.