A volcanic eruption every bit as large as what has happened in Iceland with their volcano has hit British politics.

Polls taken this weekend show the Liberal Democrats leading in national opinion polls, the first time since 1907, yes, 1907 they have done so.

The performance of Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg pictured on left in the televised debate on Thursday has had an Obama type impact on the electorate, especially young people.

In one poll Clegg's party has a massive 44 per cent lead among voters under 45. The huge surge shows just how unhappy British voters are with the traditional choices of Labor and Conservative. Like Barack Obama, Clegg is now focusing on those younger voters

Ironically the Lib Dems surge is a huge boost for Gordon Brown the Labor party leader The latest polls show him only a few points behind the Conservatives who have made a huge tactical mistake by allowing the Lib Dem leader to take part in the nationally televised debate. Prior to this is was confined to the two main party leaders.

Brown only needs to stay within three or four points of the Tories and he will form the next government because he has such a huge majority at present. The Lib Dems simply do not have enough candidates running nationally to lead a government

Under Britain's first past the post system it will take a swing of about 6-8 per cent for the Tories to get back into power. That does not look like it will happen.

After a dull first week the campaign has suddenly exploded with excitement about Clegg and his prospects for power.

Clegg took full advantage of the fact that the other two party leaders are utterly known quantities and that he is the new face.

His debate performance was superb and he addressed voters issues directly to camera while the other two looked at the audience. He accused the other two leaders of playing "pass the parcel" essentially taking turns to misgovern Britain over the past 30 years.

Now his astonishing surge means that the entire election in Britain could be up for grabs again.

It will be fascinating to see how Clegg's party does on election day