President Biden's concern for Ireland should inspire Irish Americans to vote Democrat during the US midterm elections in November, the Committee of Irish Americans for Biden says.

The following is a statement issued by the Committee of Irish Americans for Biden:

We are grateful that President Biden, the most Irish American President since JFK, has worked so hard for Irish Americans.

For example: 

The president and his Administration are resolutely supporting peace in Ireland and defending the Good Friday Agreement.

Crucially, the Friends of Ireland in Congress have fully backed the President in playing a positive role to protect peace and justice in Ireland, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Richie Neal, Rep. Brendan Boyle, Senator Bob Menedez, Senator Chris Murphy, and hundreds of other US lawmakers. 

The President is working tirelessly to repair, restore, and heal America.

He is uniting this great country in defense of freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

Above all, President Biden is fighting for basic American values and freedoms in the face of attacks at home. These include: 

  • The freedom to have your vote counted 
  • The freedom to join a labor union 
  • The freedom to enjoy Social Security and Medicare as we age 
  • The freedom to worship where we wish 
  • The freedom to walk our streets in safety 
  • The freedom for women to control their own bodies

With all these freedoms under unprecedented attack, the President will need the support of a Democratic House and Senate to continue to make America safe, prosperous, and free. 

"Scranton Joe" understands the daily struggle of getting a good job and educating your children and his economic plan is making life a little bit easier for all of us, with 10 million jobs created since he took office less than two years ago. 

Most importantly, Democrats in Congress have helped the President to pass some of the most significant and historic legislation since FDR including: 

These accomplishments come on top of the passage of a $1 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which is repairing bridges, airports, and roads from Pittsburgh to Columbus, Chicago to Detroit. In addition, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan significantly helped America recover from the Covid pandemic. 

The President has also issued an executive order forgiving up to $20,000 in student loans for 45 million Americans suffering the burden of debt taken on to better themselves through education.

To continue making progress and to protect these gains, we need to have Joe's back in November by voting for Democratic candidates who will build on this progress at home and protect peace in the old country. 

As we say in Ireland, Ni neart go cur le cheile, there is no strength without unity!

The statement is signed on behalf of the Irish for Biden Committee: Brian O'Dwyer, Kevin O'Malley, Kieran McLoughlin, Stella O’Leary, Niall O’Dowd (founder of IrishCentral), John Fitzpatrick, and Ted Smyth.