Does Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan have a special fella in her life? The actress is among the favorites for the Academy Award for her role in the coming-of-age drama Lady Bird. There's been plenty of buzz in the tabloids over the years about Ronan's romantic life though she rarely comments on such issues.

Here's what you need to know about Ronan's personal life:

Ronan has been rumored to be dating Hozier

In May 2017, the Daily Mirror reported that Ronan was dating Wicklow singer-songwriter Hozier. The tabloid said that Ronan, 23, and Hozier, 27, had been on several "secret" dates in Dublin together. The pair worked together on the video for the singer's song, "Cherry Wine." A source told the Mirror, "They really enjoy each other’s company, they seemed to be having a ball. They make a very cute and extremely talented couple." 

Saoirse and Hozier at Longitude Festival
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— Saoirse Ronan (@saoirsenews) July 16, 2017

A feature also published in May 2017 was adamant that Hozier and Ronan were not a couple. A source told the website, "Saoirse and Hozier are good friends, but they are definitely not a couple. I think people really wanted it to be true, but they aren’t dating." In July 2017, Daily Edge reported on the Twitter rumors that they were a couple after the pair was spotted together at the Longitude Festival.

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Ronan's first boyfriend was actor George MacKay

In 2013, Ronan got into a relationship with her first boyfriend, English actor George MacKay. The couple got together during the filming of How I Live Now. At the time, they were on-screen lovers. The movie's director, Kevin McDonald, told the Irish Independent about working with young lovers, "It was Saoirse's first proper boyfriend and, in a way, I think she was living through the same thing that the character is going through. I suspected what was going on but they kept it very quiet." 

MacKay refused to talk about the relationship in a May 2016 interview with the Evening Standard. The reporter mentions pronouncing Ronan's first name wrong to which MacKay responds, "Saoirse is so brilliant and is doing amazing things." When Ronan was asked about their break-up in a January 2016 interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Ronan simply said that she was "more than happy" to be single.

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Sorry, Ronan isn't on Tinder

Anyone who was hoping to meet Ronan on Tinder is in for some bad news. Ronan told Entertainment Tonight in a September 2015 interview, "No, I’m not on Tinder. [Laughs] My hair stylist earlier was joking that we should get Grindr just for a laugh and to see who’s on Grindr in the hotel. Not that that will help you or I, but I do think technology plays such a big part in relationships now, social media and such. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. I’ve had a different kind of introduction in to dating since it’s been with people I’ve known well already." Ronan also talked about the likelihood of getting into a relationship with a co-star, "I have to say, it’s more common for an actor to get in relationships with others you work with because you’re friends with them or get to know them [during filming]. So the dating thing, I’m not as well up on."

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