A Dublin hotel, that is part-owned by U2’s Bono and The Edge, was being used by a “high-class” Spanish escort agency as a meeting place for the women and their wealthy male clients.

The Clarence Hotel, which is also owned by Belfast businessman Paddy McKillen, has taken legal action against the Spanish company

Target Escorts, run by Siemanat SL, a company based in Malaga, advertised the “hotel of the stars” as a place for clients to meet attractive escorts for a minimum of €2,000 a night, The Sunday Times reports.

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“The members of Ireland’s most legendary rock band U2 not only reside in posh hotels — they also own the best house in town,” states the escort agency’s website.

“At the Clarence hotel, with your elegant VIP escort lady in Dublin you will be in good company. Truly legendary — the hotel bar the Octagon, where together with your sweet escort girl in Dublin you may drink a couple of Guinness. The only [sic] 40 rooms at this design [sic] hotel are decorated according to the ideas of a rock star — the heavy curtains will not let through a single ray of sunshine even at noon.”

The hotel has issued the statement"

“The operators of the Clarence hotel are taking robust legal action against the owners of this disreputable website,” it said. “The Clarence hotel has a complete and total zero-tolerance policy for this or any other type of antisocial behavior.

“All appropriate security and other measures are in place at the hotel and under constant review.”

Target Escorts’ Dublin webpage also named three other hotels where its services were available as well as a number of top restaurants where escorts can be brought on “dates.”

The Sunday Times reports that Target Escorts has been a protected trademark in Ireland since 2004, even though prostitution is illegal in Ireland.

The company’s registration states it provides “personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals, dating services; escorting in society (chaperoning); marriage agencies; night guards; personal body guarding.”

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