Irish barman Tommy McCarthy was “surprised” to have The Boss pay a visit

Bruce Springsteen stopped into a Boston Irish pub last week much to the delight of its Irish owners. reports that Bruce Springsteen, who has Irish roots, visited The Bebop on Boston’s Boylston Street last week with his wife and a friend.

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The pub was first opened in 2017 by Irishman Tommy McCarthy and is known for its live music shows. McCarthy also owns another Boston Irish pub, The Burren.

Of Springsteen’s surprise visit, McCarthy told News7 Boston: “He came in here and sat under the John Lennon picture. No one really bothered them.”

McCarthy said Springsteen, whose son attended the local Boston College, didn’t perform during the visit.

“He enjoyed the music, had a couple of drinks, we shook hands, and he was on his way.”

Bruce Springsteen popped into the Bebop this evening for a quick drink! Very impressed with the place unfortunately didn’t have time for a song!

Publiée par The Bebop sur Vendredi 11 janvier 2019

“He said he’d like to stop by again when he’s in town. It was all positive.”

McCarthy added: “The reason why I opened The Bebop was because of the location for the music.” The Bebop is located nearby to the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

“Both my wife and I are musicians, so to have Bruce Springsteen pop in was pretty amazing, you know? We were quite surprised.”

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Though he was surprised by Springsteen’s visit, McCarthy is no stranger to hosting rockstars - U2 frontman Bono has also previously visited the Boston pub.

Check out this video of Bruce Springsteen and Bono performing in Dublin's Croke Park in 2016:

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