Donald Junior and Eric were seen conversing with locals and pouring pints of Guinness in the West Clare village. 

Two of Donald Trump’s sons went on a mini pub crawl in June 2019 in Doonbeg, while their father stayed in his international golf and hotel resort near the village.

Eric and Donald Junior were greeted by a rapturous reception when they appeared in three different Doonbeg pubs, enjoying pints of Guinness and posing for selfies with locals out on the street.

The two brothers were ushered behind the bar in one of the three pubs they visited, where they were invited to pull their own pints of Guinness.

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Trump’s sons Donald jr and Eric go on pub crawl in Doonbeg buying rounds and thanking locals for their support for the Trump family’s West Clare golf resort - via @IrishTimes #TrumpVisit #TrumpInIreland

— Simon Carswell (@SiCarswell) June 5, 2019

Donald Jnr said to the adoring crowd that “it’s always great to be back here. I love seeing all the support coming in today, it’s incredible.”

Eric Trump took a similar tack to his brother and praised the locals for their support.

"We love you guys. You guys are so important to us ... You are truly some of the most incredible people in the world ... and I hope we’ve made Ireland proud. I hope we’ve made you very, very proud," he told the crowd.

"This is a lot better than New York City," Trump Jnr added.

Eric Trump's attempt at pulling a Guinness is enough to trigger an international incident.
Release the hounds.#trumpinireland

— Caolán Mc Aree (@Caolanmcaree) June 6, 2019

The Trump family is extremely well-liked in Doonbeg, where up to one-quarter of the residents are employed at the loss-making hotel.

Even those who don’t work at the Trump resort benefit from its impact. Local bars, shops and restaurants all flourish because of the business supplied by guests at the hotel, which has endeared Trump to the small village.

Ireland, thank you for the incredible support! We love you!  #Doonbeg #CountyClare @TrumpDoonbeg

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) June 6, 2019

Locals rolled out the red carpet in anticipation of the arrival of the President, with many waving American flags and a small amount even donning MAGA hats.

A woman standing in close proximity to Eric Trump mentioned to him that the parish priest wished him well, to which he replied, “oh he’s such a great guy, will you tell him I say hi?”

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Eric and Donald #Trump Jnr, Pour Pints and Buys Drinks for Locals during a walk about in the village of Doonbeg Co Clare @pa #TrumpInIreland

— Niall Carson (@niallcarsonpa) June 5, 2019

The Trumps also chatted to Hugh McNally, a local bar owner who introduced himself as a distant cousin of Vice President Mike Pence.

At one stage, the Trumps offered to buy a drink for everyone present and encouraged the crowd to cheer for their father. The tab was later sent to the Trump hotel.