“Disturbed” weather on its way to Ireland

Storm Helene, one of several massive storms currently brewing over the Atlantic, has its sights set on Ireland in the coming days.

Of the weather in Ireland, Met Éireann said, "There is a lot of uncertainty in the details for early next week, but indications are for very disturbed weather.”

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“There is a risk of some extremely windy conditions with heavy rainfall on Monday night or Tuesday,” said Met Éireann, “but there is a large degree of uncertainty in details at present.”

Meteorologist Cathal Nolan told The Leinster Express, "Helene has taken a very similar track to that of Ophelia last year, which is extremely unusual for an Atlantic hurricane.

"My concern at present," Nolan continued, "is that the storm could deepen during its approach to Ireland, transforming from a Post Tropical Cyclone into a very powerful Atlantic Storm, which would potentially increase the winds along the west and south coast given the storms angle and interaction with the jet stream.”

On Facebook, Carlow Weather posted a Thursday afternoon weather update about the impending Storm Helene.

My lunchtime update on Hurricane Florence and Helene. The outer bands of #Florence are approaching the USA Southeast...

Posted by Carlow Weather on Thursday, September 13, 2018

“Currently a Category 1 Hurricane, she is expected to become a tropical storm by tonight [Thursday] and an extratropical cyclone as it moves toward Ireland next week.”

The Irish weather outlet was sure to note that it may still be too early to tell Helene’s exact trajectory.

“This far out it is difficult to forecast the final track, intensity and details but the latest guidance shows the center of the storm tracking very close to the Southwest coast of Ireland and moving through Ireland with gusts of over 110 kmh but most of the rain staying offshore.”

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Ultimately, there is no need for panic in Ireland just yet.

“It has to be stressed at this stage though that the details will change over the coming days so keep up to date with the forecasts,” advised Carlow Weather.

As Helene weakens and heads for Ireland, some 2 million people in the southeast part of the US were ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Florence. The potentially catastrophic hurricane is set to make landfall on Thursday.

"Don't relax, don't get complacent,” warned North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

“Stay on guard. This is a powerful storm that can kill. Today the threat becomes a reality.”