Today's top Irish news stories:

Bishops refuse to meet Irish priests silenced by Vatican

Ireland's bishops have refused to meet the with six outspoken Irish priests silenced by the Vatican, claiming that their predicament was not an issue for the Irish hierarchy. As the priests in question were members of religious orders and not diocesan priests, the bishops claim they lack the authority…READ MORE


First female Ambassador from Ireland to U.S. making quite a splash

New Irish Ambassador to the United States Anne Anderson is already making a splash as the first-ever woman ambassador from Ireland. Thursday night she was warmly greeted at the Irish America magazine Wall Street 50 by among others, Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, as 300 Irish from Wall Street cheered…READ MORE


Michael Collins' custom made 'high nelly' bicycle discovered

The original ‘high nelly’ bicycle used by Michael Collins during the War of Independence has been discovered. The famous bike, which was captured in one of the most iconic images of Collins, will now go on display around Ireland as part of a touring exhibition…READ MORE


Ryanair plans to hunt down anonymous online critics

Low-cost carrier Ryanair cuts back on amenities but never on safety, so the company is taking legal action against anonymous internet commenters who post “unlawful and wrong statements” that damage the airline’s reputation. The company has asked a South African court to force the telecom group Telkoms to help identify a person whose posts have been highly – and it argues, unfairly -- critical of the airline….READ MORE


Irish government no comment as historian queries relationship with the IRA

The Irish government has declined a leading Belfast historian's suggestion to set up an independent inquiry to examine previous governments' alleged relationships with the IRA…READ MORE