Today's top Irish news stories:

Startling images show what will happen to Ireland when the ice caps melt (PHOTOS)

A new interactive map, produced by National Geographic, shows what the world would look like if all the ice melted and ran into the sea. Ireland, for a start, would be considerable more waterlogged…READ MORE


Boat driver indicted in fatal Hudson River crash that killed bride-to-be and best man (VIDEO)

The pilot of a boat that crashed into a barge on the Hudson River killing a bride and her fiancé’s best man, had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal, authorities said Thursday….READ MORE


Boston’s modest new mayor Marty Walsh wows Irish crowd in Faneuil Hall

If there is a politician more comfortable in his skin than newly elected Boston mayor Marty Walsh I have yet to meet him. He strolled into our Boston event at Faneuil Hall, where we were honoring the Irish heroes of both the Boston bombing and the Sandy Hook massacre, as just one of the crowd….READ MORE


Cop who leaked photos of Boston bombing suspect retires

Sean Murphy, the 48-year-old Massachusetts state police sergeant who published the photos of the surviving Boston bombing suspect, has retired from the force and says he has 'no regrets.'….READ MORE


Vice President Joe Biden calls the wrong Marty Walsh to say congrats

Vice President Joe Biden made the right call, just to the wrong guy. Marty Walsh, the longtime Massachusetts Democratic political consultant, got the surprise of his life on Tuesday night when his phone rang…READ MORE