Today's top Irish news stories:

Anti-immigrant feelings are rising steeply in Ireland new report says

Anti-immigrant feelings are rising steeply  in Ireland according to a new survey. In 2006 just 6 per cent of Irish wanted to stop new immigrants coming in, and that figure is now 22 per cent…READ MORE


“I travelled to England to have an abortion” - Irish woman reveals her very tough ordeal

A 30-year-old Irish woman writes about her personal experience of making the tough decision to travel to England for an abortion…READ MORE


Irish Euromillions lottery winner has won $120 million lottery

An Irish winner of the Europe wide lottery, Euromillions, has won $120 million lottery officials say. There were two winning tickets Europe wide with the other winner from Belgium. The overall prize was $240 million…READ MORE


The Anglo elite and the secret recordings - guilty executives must be held to account - POLL

As even more shocking revelations are published in the Irish Independent, the blood pressure continues to swell in the veins of taxpayers and Irish citizens throughout the country over the obnoxious, self-serving, egotistical Anglo elite and their self congratulatory, audacious, disdainful, pompous, contempt for the state and the public…READ MORE


Brian Cowen declines comment on Anglo tapes as police called on to investigate

The former Irish prime minister Brian Cowen is refusing to talk to the press about the Anglo Irish tapes controversy that is currently gripping the nation…READ MORE


Representatives of the Immigrant Council of Ireland outside Ireland's government buildings. New report show 6 per cent of Irish wanted to stop new immigrants coming to Ireland.Broadsheet