Today's top Irish newsstories:

Mark O’Mara says Irish case inspired him in George Zimmerman trial

 Mark O’Mara referred to his Irish roots in Nenagh, County Tipperary, during his summing up for the jury in the George Zimmerman case. He said an Irish case where an innocent man may have been sentenced to hang was very much on his mind during the George Zimmerman trial…READ MORE


Irish refuse Canadian citizenship because of swearing oath to Queen

A group of Canadian republicans, some of whom are Irish, are refusing Canadian citizenship and suing because the ceremony involves swearing an oath to Queen Elizabeth...READ MORE


Outrage as Magdalene Laundry nuns refuse to pay victims compensation

The four religious congregations that ran the Magdalene Laundries have announced they will not contribute to the compensation fund for victims…READ MORE


Bill O’Reilly says those against Zimmerman verdict ‘hate America’

Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly knows what's wrong with America, it's anyone who's upset by t he George Zimmerman verdict. In O'Reilly's view people appalled by the ruling either 'hate America' or 'believe the country is flat-out racist.'..READ MORE



Water in some areas of Ireland shut off as heat wave causes shortages

As the dry spell in Ireland continues on with no sign of halting, county council officials have extended water rationing to many areas in the south-west of Ireland…READ MORE


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